the 6 ways of paying attention

1) yet when you are FOCUSING, then you are attentive to specific tasks, instructions, conversations, or presentations. you are present in the moment and fully engaged.

2) PAYING ATTENTION, or sustaining focus, is required when reading a book, or article. you focus on when you need to know certain instructions or directions. its keeping your focus when you want it, or need it.

3) transitioning, or SHIFTING FOCUS is when you move from one conversation to another, or task, or activity. you can handle interruptions smoothly and make the transition without anxiety, anger, or frustration.

4) SUPER-INTENSE CONCENTRATION, or hyperfocus. this is when you are able to complete tasks or assignments with ease. 

5) yup, DAYDREAMING is that state of mind when your mind wanders off and you are able to brainstorm creatively and without inhibition.

6) PREPONDERANCE OF THOUGHTS. another way of saying cognitive hyperactivity. in other words, the massive amount of information coming at you at the same time. the bombardment of sensory stimuli and thoughts.

the 6 ways of learning

1) AUDITORY. you must hear what is being taught. oral instruction is best. you may find yourself repeating what was said in order to understand it. for example: "what i hear you say is...."

2) CONCEPTUAL. you need the big picture of it all to understand. you'll need loads of questions answered before you 'get' it. why is one of your favorite words.

3) KINESTHETIC. movement or action is how you learn. movement and rhythm help to stay focused. walking, tapping, rocking are some ways in helping to stay focused in learning.

4) VISUAL. seeing a picture, photo, or visual symbol is how you learn. drawing or doodling help to stay focused. for example: "i see what your saying...."

5) VERBAL. talking out loud, helps to think and process what you're learning. you tend to think as you speak.

6) TACTILE. the need to touch, hold, or feel an object is how you learn. not just sitting still. the phrase, "get your hands dirty" rings true for you.