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1) WHAT do you want right now?

2) HOW will you know when you have or achieved it?

3) WHAT stops you from having it now?

These are just a few of the questions we will explore together as we unfold the varied ways to tap deeper into all the questions and feelings that you are feeling so stuck on, at the moment.

REAL ESTATE: My experience with residential sales, property management, consultations to seasoned & newbies. Working with first time home buyers also. I can further assist you in getting un-stuck.

>>> RATES: <<<

PHONE sessions: $250/month for three (3) sessions a month. Each session is apx. 30-45 minutes.

ON-LINE coaching: $175/month for weekly sessions via e-mail. When you want it, when you need it.

seminars & workshops: call for more info


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You are a Real Estate Agent/Broker who is doing okay in today’s market. Maybe you are associated with a big name firm. You wake up everyday; weekends and nights all feel the same to you. You’re reaching your quotas. Yet, somehow you have this tiny gnawing feeling that something is stuck or not going as “just right” as you would like.

 That "wow" when you first began this career is not showing itself like it use to when you woke up each day. You're looking to make more money with less effort. You feel frustrated chasing after both listings and customers. You are seeking to find a different way to seek those goals that are still stuck as dreams. Clients, customers, and co-workers silently make you feeling a bit dissatisfied.

With a life coach you will get results. A lot more focus on what really matters. Ways to make each day and week-work in your favor. You will get more clarity. You will get more work done with less effort, in less time.

Think of it as a personal trainer-but for your career and life. Being on your side and rooting for you to always win. Assisting you to find those wins and thinking out of the box. Holding that mirror up for you to see. Being that extra pair of eyes and ears with an objective view. Assisting you in finding the answers.

So where is that energy directed? Are you comparing yourself to others OR to where you were? Are you chasing OR leading? Are you antsy OR with clarity?

Let me bring you to the next level, together.

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" Your steady, supportive coaching is like a the hands of a dad on the back of a bicycle seat, running along until the child can find her balance and take off alone! " Kim M.

" Chris has a remarkable gift that allows him to use his keen intuition to ask the right questions to draw out the aliveness in clients. He does so very naturally and conversationally. His gentle strength and safe fire in sessions really helps me co-create a safe space in which to shift and be honest and communicative and clear. He shares his positivity and peace generously and truly does coach for transformation. " 

Dan L.


"...what a great intuition you had when you suggested Helen Keller. I thought to myself how did he know what I'm thinking?  " Pelle L.


" Ever since you told me about training wheels...I feel way better...I see things totally differently " Sarah M.