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the ADHD coach

Behind the name

Before being part of the boroughs that make up NYC, Brooklyn was and still is unique all unto itself. The will to be its own. As diverse and multi- cultural that it is, there is a special uniqueness that can not be found anywhere else. 

Brooklyn is very much independent. Back before it merged to be part of NYC and even now it has the flavor of independence. It continues to maintain a distinct culture.

Thus, with the ADHD person, the feeling of being unique and being distinct is what separates them from the rest of the population.

Even the Brooklyn Bridge; it's like crossing over from one area to another. A bridge both literally and metaphorically.

Since 2008, Brooklyn Coach has been helping small businesses and those in Real Estate. Today, the focus has changed 180. Now our attention and only focus is on those people who have ADHD.

What brought me to the ADHD world

When i was living with an ex who has a daughter that has ADHD. The interaction between them were often times frustrating to witness. The pain and torture in listening to them have it out, was like fingernails on a chalkboard. They each were saying the same thing, but differently heard.

Often times the homework issue was more than a super challenge. The "yes mom, I got it"; followed by, "I can't find it now". The pencil monster was regularly misplacing those blasted pencils just when you needed them most. Or the getting ready in the mornings for school days. Time was the monster. Forgetfulness seemed a common occurrence.

There is a friend I have known for over 15 years. Her daughter also has ADHD. While having phone conversations with her, there is almost every time, the topic of frustration seeping through her voice. She has found coping skills and more importantly, ways to better assist her daughter in getting ready for school, or bedtime rituals, homework assignments that are due.

Or closer to home, from my adopted family, one of my siblings has a son who also has ADHD. Phone conversations or yearly visits to their home was stop and start moments. Challenges to get him to do those simple household chores, also his almost overdue homework assignments. i mean they were due the next day; with weeks in advance knowledge.

My sister mentioned she too has ADHD. I had always been tight with her. Throughout the younger years we always talked on the phone. There were some touchy moments in trying to clarify the varied topics. Or the sometimes going off track from where our focus had been.

Recently while we were chatting over the phone, she mentioned she always felt that our Dad had ADHD. His forgetfulness from time to time. Certain projects where he was super focused. 

As I reflect back to my days of teaching in the NYC system. I most definitely remember several students in each of my years of teaching third grade, there were several students who had ADHD. I vividly can recall my of my former students who was always acting up or acting out in class. Each day stating he would do better. When one day after a doctor's visit, I drastically noticed his behavior changed. The medication assisted him to focus better. He was able to get assignments completed, homework handed in on time.

Even today in my coaching practice I have a couple of clients who continually get frustrated by the daily challenges they face at work and/or at home. They are in denial about their condition. They have many of the generalized conditions of ADHD. 

When I look all around me; in a past relationship, former students, adults I know, longtime friends, even family members-I am surrounded by so many people who have ADHD. I am faced with working, listening, interacting, playing daily with those who can surely use assistance in managing better ways to cope and to not feel broken in this world.

I have this deep desire to help people who have ADHD to not feel broken anymore.  Together we can find the skill set, tools, and what ways better make them the "not broken" person that they are capable of being on a daily basis.

What is transformational Coaching ? 

A coach is an expert at empowering people and organizations at strengthening commitments to their Vision. From these commitments come actions that produce powerful results. A transformational coach adds a new dimension to coaching in that they are masterful at assisting you in revealing the very core beliefs that support each and every aspect of your life remaining unfulfilled

Individuals seeking coaching for themselves will have a thinking partner with whom to investigate and reveal underlying patterns of operating. These patterns undermine your capacity to have what you say you want. Transformational coaching attracts people who are willing to take a leap of faith into the unknown territory of their future reality. We all have dreams. But, too many of us are afraid of what lies within the mystery of “let’s make it happen!”

Coaches support their client's potential for innovative thinking, effective action and goal fulfillment. Our holistic approach to professional coaching training combines awareness of body, mind and spirit with solid and substantive coaching skills. A coach helps clients connect to their inner wisdom and full aliveness. While psychotherapy is primarily healing-focused, coaching is learning and action-oriented, moving people towards the fulfillment of their life purpose, visions and goals.

A coach gives you uninterrupted time to focus solely on you, a rarity in our hectic world. Being an expert in the process, a coach partner with you to discover ways for you to use your unique strengths and skills to reach your goals.

A coach won’t tell you what to do. A coach will make sure you are aware of what you are doing and that you are doing what you chose to do.

In short, it's a one-on-one relationship where a coach helps you take the actions you want to take to reach a goal. Coaches are personal change experts who help others fulfill their destiny. Professionally trained in a unique set of leadership skills, coaches help others identify important goals and priorities strategize about how to reach them, and overcome obstacles that crop up along the way.