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Christopher Mulhare, CPC

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when you pay attention...

a) can't focus on certain classes, or meetings

b) having difficulty listening to a speaker, manager, lecturer while they give a presentation

c) having difficulty carrying a conversation

>> 1) this is FOCUSING. <<

a) have trouble receiving instructions to understand what you need to do

b) doing remedial tasks for a certain amount of time feels like torture or agonizing

c) maintaining tasks for 10-15 minutes make you feel antsy, sleepy, irritable 

>> 2) this is PAYING ATTENTION. <<

a) interruptions can throw you totally off

b) you literally will be unable to stop doing one task until its completely done

c) shifting from one thought or emotion to another creates stress or frustration

>> 3) this is SHIFTING FOCUS. <<

a) you're in a trance like state that you lose track of time

b) you miss appointments, forgetting the time

c) you forget to eat meals

d) you continually find the negative in everything, repeatedly


a) your mind wanders off in different directions

b) you're searching a topic and find later you are now at an unrelated topic, unknowingly

>> 5) this is DAYDREAMING. <<

a) have difficulty prioritizing tasks in order, since all are equally important

b) ideas come at you non-stop, so you never finish or complete anything

c) you're thinking and making connections always, feels out of control and can't turn it off


there are generally 6 ways of paying attention, combined with the 6 ways of learning.

knowing how both attention and learning effect you, you have the opportunity to effectively change the outlook on how your part of the world works. 

no longer do you need to always constantly feel like you are not in control of your life. 

coaching will help you better take charge of your daily life.