brooklyn coach
"if you can dream it, you can do it"
the ADHD coach

what others are saying

" Your steady, supportive coaching is like a the hands of a dad on the back of a bicycle seat, running along until the child can find her balance and take off alone! "  Kim M.

" Chris has a remarkable gift that allows him to use his keen intuition to ask the right questions to draw out the aliveness in clients. He does so very naturally and conversationally. His gentle strength and safe fire in sessions really helps me co-create a safe space in which to shift and be honest and communicative and clear. He shares his positivity and peace generously and truly does coach for transformation. "  Dan L.


"...what a great intuition you had when you suggested Helen Keller. I thought to myself how did he know what I'm thinking?  "  Pelle L.


" Ever since you told me about training wheels...I feel way better...I see things totally differently "  Sarah M.